3 Reasons I’m Terrified of the Charmed Reboot (and 3 Reasons I Couldn’t Be Happier)

This witch weighs in, and I promise it’s not just a fluffy listicle.

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash
  1. It’s a Reboot
  • -_-) It could totally just be me, and I could totally be wrong, but a reboot spells a rebirth of an original world with characters who existed in that world. A reboot of Charmed would follow Piper, Phoebe, and Paige or at least someone in their bloodline like say Christ and Wyatt. This reboot does not. It’s all new characters in what seems to be a whole new world because the show appears to take place in the present time. A time in which the Halliwells would still exist. That, to me is not a reboot. It’s an interpretation, a reimagining, a whole new show. Unless we’re pulling a comic book and having multiple universes (which I’m so down for).
  • ^_^) Though obviously the idea of getting to know three new and interesting characters is always a plus. I’m very excited to see where these girls go on their journey into the fight against evil. Armed with the same powers of molecular manipulation, telekinesis, and sixth sense perception, these sisters are ready to find their place and their power in a world filled with magic, monsters, and mayhem.

2. They’re Women of Color

  • -_-) Preface: No I do not think the Charmed Ones can only be White. While I love the original cast and am inspired daily by Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan’s social media endeavors, I am not asserting that the Halliwells must always be white women no matter what iteration they are. That’s dumb. My fear falls back onto my personal fears being a person of color that’s used to being a scapegoat for other people’s discrimination. I’m a nerd through and through. That means I’ve seen the hate cosplayers get first hand when they cosplay fair skinned characters. I’ve seen my own friends say their childhoods were ruined when Hermione was announced as being Black in The Cursed Child. So obviously, I fear that these women, before and behind the camera, will be written off before they can shine. I do not want these women to be lowkey judged for the color of their skin and not the quality of story and acting. I’m especially worried after the announcement that Wayward Sisters would not be going forward as they are worried there would be no interest in the female-fronted spin-off of the CW’s Supernatural. Everything isn’t about race, true, but in a world where we have seen people of color get fewer chances to make mistakes, I have to be worried. Especially since almost everyone on my timeline is pissed after seeing the extended trailer, each with their own version of “Not my Charmed.”
  • ^o^) THEY’RE WOMEN OF COLOR! Come on! I can’t think of any other time that the potential to explore witchcraft from the perspective of contemporary witches of color has been presented. Sure, we see all the horrible (and often just incorrect) stereotypes about stuff like voodoo, but this is the chance to show some real magic and culture in a positive way. Give us your best brujeria! It’s time.

3. They’re Younger.

  • -_-) Like much younger it seems? Was that a high schooler I saw? Anyways, the fact that the sisters were older in the original run meant the show did not have to shy away from going deep with its more mature storylines. At some point motherhood was even an issue. Charmed is a feminist statement without having to cry out into the sky that it is a feminist statement, and I don’t want the younger girls to have to just brush over the tough stuff in a cute way because the target audience is different. While younger audiences might not have been the target, they could relate just the same to the characters in the original run. These Charmed Ones have potential and younger playing up to older is certainly possible (just ask Buffy or Yuna), I just hope they’re given the chance.
  • ^-^) My last bit of joy plays into all these things. Witches, whether you believe in magic or not, are always shining symbols of feminism, strength, and control of one’s own destiny. The Charmed Ones captured the hearts of audiences in their original run, and I am genuinely hoping they can do it again. I was nervous at first, but everyone deserves their moment to shine. We need symbols of light (too strong to fight) to remind us that we have the power to take on the demons that haunt us, be they real or just in our heads. To the creators and writers I wish you all the luck and magic, and to the actors I leave this spell. With it, perhaps you can call a little magic from the Halliwells as you step bravely into your new roles as the world’s saviors: Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near. Come to us and settle here.
Source: The Charmed Wiki