Post Election Reflections

Reneaux Ruffin
7 min readNov 13, 2020

Oh boy…strap in.

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Trump and a large portion of his extraordinarily racist, sexist, hypocritical, and dangerous regime are finally exiting the seats that they should have never occupied. It’s been a wild ride of spinning, distracting, stoking, and nepotism, but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight. It’s clear that a certain group is pretty displeased with the results of the election, but where does it leave the rest of us? Have things changed that much? Is America any better off in a post-Trump world as the transition begins to take place? Well, if he ever concedes anyways. Most importantly, what is the state of the United States when we look to the citizens and remove the blanket statements of political parties?

First, have things changed that much? Honestly? I think yes. Listen, I’m a queer person of color that has had to deal with shit from one discriminatory or judgmental corner of my life or another at every turn. I understand that there is a veritable amount of work to be done, but I also understand that a lot of these firsts that came with the conclusion of Trump’s administration speaks volumes to how much we’ve grown. When we look back on our country and our lives and only focus on the litter and the nails, we miss how far we’ve come on this road despite the mess. I often feel as though the black pill poppers of the world believe that most or all of us are existing in this disillusioned state that things are magically fixed, and now, we can live a worry-free life. This is a nuanced celebration. We are aware that racism, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia, and so much more showed up to this election in greater numbers than ever before to try to assert that hatred should be governmentally mandated and represented. We are aware that Nazis, Proud Boys, and Boogaloo Boys are some of those that are most proud to align themselves with Trump and his rhetoric, but that somehow is not enough to encourage our friends, family, citizens, and politicians to distance themselves from this dangerous mindset. We know. Stop trying to wake us up. You’re not Paul McCoy.

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Secondly, “is America any better off in a post-Trump reality?” I want to start by saying…

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